Future League


The Future League is a summer leadership development and career program designed to develop middle school aged youth into becoming leaders through basketball. Students learn the REACH values (Respect, Empowerment, Authenticity, Courage, Humility) through educational curriculum provided by our staff. Students are educated on several areas such as anti-bullying, nutrition, budgeting, college prep, as well as goal setting for careers.  The skills developed in our youth come together on and off the court.

Mission/Purpose : A 6-week long, summer leadership and dream development program for 80 students that are in 6- grade in various communities. This program is centered around providing our students with a summer packed with different activities and experiences that will allow for our students to put the 5 Pillars of Leadership into actual practice.

Outcomes : Students will build confidence, improve themselves and learn how to be leaders in their communities, through utilising our 5 Pillars of Leadership, Respect, Empowerment, Authenticity, Courage & Humility.



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